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About Requirements Management Tool RaQuest 4.4


RaQuest 4.4 was released on 23th Mar, 2018.

Registered users can download it from download page for registered users.
You can download a 30-day trial version from download page.

Changes of version 4.4

  • Modified the filename extension from .exe to .msi.
  • Modified the EULA.
  • Added calculation type User-defined Attribute. (Build 133 or later)

Modified the filename extension from .exe to .msi.

The filename extension of the installer has been changed following the change of installer creation software.

Modified the EULA.

The EULA of RaQuest has been modified in accordance with the EULA of Enterprise Architect version 13.5.

Added calculation type User-defined Attribute. (Build 133 or later)

Calculation type has been supported as a type of User-defined Attributes. Calculation formulas can be specified and the results of them can be displayed.

fig.1 Calculation Type User-defined Attributefig.1 Calculation Type User-defined Attribute

Please note that all screens above are under development and possible to be modified in the future.

Modified features of the past versions

For the major modifications of the past version, see the following pages.

Related Information

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