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About Requirements Management Tool RaQuest 4.1


RaQuest 4.1 was released on 11th Dec, 2013.

Registered users can download it from download page for registered users.
You can download a 30-day trial version from download page.

Additional features of version 4.1

Feature 1. Support SysML requirements
Feature 2. Support projects with "Require User Lock to Edit" mode
Feature 3. Add 'Move Requirement add-in' of Enterprise Architect

Description of the additional features

Feature 1. Support SysML requirements

Following features were added to RaQuest; SysML requirements are now supported.
  • Use of SysML requirement types
  • Read and save SysML requirements of Enterprise Architect
  • Read and save SysML attributes (id, text, etc.)
  • Display SysML attributes on diagrams when displaying a Relationship Map
  • Use SysML definitions for relationships between requirements/requirements and Enterprise Architect elements

Figure 1-1 SysML Relationship MapFigure 1-1 SysML Relationship Map

Feature2. Support projects with "Require User Lock to Edit" mode

For a project with enabled security and "Require User Lock to Edit" mode of Enterprise Architect, RaQuest added a function to check/apply/release the exclusive lock manually. RaQuest has been using an automatic exclusive lock function for each elements if either the project's security is disabled, or it is enabled and no "Require User Lock to Edit" mode (User/Group Locking mode). And since the exclusive locks can be manually controlled if a project has "Require User Lock to Edit" mode, RaQuest offers an easy editing method by applying exclusive locks to specified areas, beforehand.

Figure 2-1 Exclusive lock status tree and context menuFigure 2-1 Exclusive lock status tree and context menu
Figure 2-2 Apply/Release User Lock dialogFigure 2-2 Apply/Release User Lock dialog

Feature 3. Add 'Move Requirement add-in' for Enterprise Architect

RaQuest introduced a new add-in for Enterprise Architect. This add-in moves requirement into RaQuest package when it is created in non-RaQuest packages on Enterprise Architect.

Please note that all screens above are under development and possible to be modified in the future.

Modified features of the past versions

For the major modifications of the past version, see the following pages.

Related Information

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