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About RaQuest 2.0

We have received a lot of feature requests for RaQuest. Today we proudly announce about RaQuest 2.0. We will release RaQuest in the middle of April. Needless to say, all current RaQuest users can upgrade to RaQuest 2.0 without any cost.

If you have any question or advice, please contact our support team from Support page.

Note: All screenshots in this webpage are RaQuest of Japanese version. English version is now under translation.

Main additional features

  1. User-defined attributes
  2. Customizable Project Tree
  3. Change history
  4. Exclusive lock

1. User-defined attributes

With RaQuest 1.1, you can set information to only already-defined attributes (mainly they are the same as EA itself). RaQuest 2.0 provides user-defined attributes. So, you can define your original types of attribute and set values to them. After defining the user-defined attributes, you can also show them in lists (and sort Requirement items in the list by the attribute). Figure 1-1 is dialog to define your original attribute, and figure 1-2 is list with user-defined attribute.

figure 1-1

figure 1-2

2. Customizable Project Tree

RaQuest 1.1 provides only one fixed view as Project Tree. With new RaQuest, you can specify attribute to sort. With this feature, you can check whole project and Requirement items from various view and points. For example, when you take notice current status for each Requirement item, you can sort all Requirement items into each 'Status' package (figure 2-1). If you choose 'Version' and 'Priority', the result is figure 2-2. By defining your original view, you can grasp and manage Requirement items easily and effectively.

figure 2-1 figure 2-2

3. Change history

Now RaQuest can log change history for each Requirement item. So, you can check when, who and what the change is.

4. Exclusive lock

When more than two members open RaQuest project at the same time and open properties dialog of the same Requirement item, only first member can modify the properties. Other members can show the properties, but they can't modify because the Requirement item is locked. If you use Security feature of Enterprise Architect, you can't unlock Requirement items when other member is modifying it.

Caution: all these new features and images are under development, and they will change without any notice.

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