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Difference from requirements management by Enterprise Architect.

As you might expect, the same basic requirement management functions that RaQuest provides can also be carried out in Enterprise Architect. However, there are a number of advanced features in RaQuest which are not supported by Enterprise Architect.

Examples of these features are:

  • Various formats of view like list, tree and matrix
  • State transition of requirement
  • Grant of automatic review flag by change of requirement
  • Autosave of requirement update history
  • Package as a child element of requirement
  • Automatic grant of requirement ID for every package
  • Count the number of requirement status
  • Trash
  • Calculate requirement priority value
  • Select and edit multiple items
  • and so on.

Operation is easy because it is the tool considered focusing on requirements management.

We would like you to refer to RaQuest Features Guide, which can be downloaded from the following URL, for the details of features.

Moreover, the evaluation version is downloadable from the following URL. Please download it to try if it is suitable tool for your requirements management process.

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