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Changes Due to the Release of EA RaQuest 5.0

Last Updated: 30-September-2021

We would like to inform you that we have decided to make the following changes on November 02, 2021, with the release of RaQuest Version 5.0.

License TypeChangesSupport Renewal
Standard License
End of Sales
No Changes
Annual Standard License
Newly Introduced
Floating License
Price Change
No Changes
Upgrade Standard to Floating
End of Sales

Changes of the Licensing System

We will discontinue sales of 'Standard License' and 'Upgrade Standard to Floating' and start selling Annual Standard Licenses.

  • The Annual Standard License is a license valid for one year (until the day before the same day of the same month of the license issuing date). The license will no longer be available after one year. For continuous use after the period, you are required to repurchase the license.
  • Even though the Standard License will be discontinued, version 5.0 of RaQuest is available with it.
  • Regarding the Annual Standard License price, see "Price and Purchase" on the website of RaQuest.

Price Change

We will change the price of the Floating License.

The old price will be available until November 01, 2021.

note: All dates described above are in Japan time.

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